Horseshoe Casino Wall Graphics, Southern Indiana

Turn unused space into a billboard! The team at Monster Color worked with Horseshoe Casino to decorate walls in both the employee and client area.

Before Monster Color

After Monster Color

We turn heads! A once blank wall space, is now a billboard to advertise casino events at Horseshoe Casino in Southern Indiana.

Instructional Signage

Use Monster Color adhesive wall graphics to designate areas in your office space. Pictured here is a new non-smoking deck located on the Horseshoe Casino boat.

If Walls Could Talk

Pictured here is Monster Color advertising wall graphics. You can't miss it!

Advertise Anywhere

Monster Color printed and installed these vibrant wall graphics.

Advertise Anywhere

Monster Color provides free consultation on printing projects - we draw from our experience in the industry and can suggest new and fresh advertising spaces for your building.