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About Us

Lynn Imaging’s Monster Color is completely dedicated to your large color graphic needs!

From concept to completion, Monster Color will work with you to ensure each element and decision of your printing project gives you the highest quality results in a timely manner. Our graphics experts average over twenty years of experience with the company. We carry knowledge of the industry and insight into customer needs which translate to peace of mind for our clients.

Our Commitment

1. Local

We believe there are certain, unique strengths that come from buying local. We are committed to giving you personal attention: no 800 numbers, no waiting to get in touch. Being local means that press checks can be done quickly – we will even deliver proofs to your office speeding the timeline of your projects. We are versatile and flexible and personal – no rules to adhere to in order to do business with Monster Color. We are local, friendly and accessible. And just to prove we are serious, give your senior account executive Joanne a call at (502) 499-8443 for a free lunch.

2. Color Quality

Product performance is always on our mind which is why we have invested in the latest technology to bring vibrant, rich colors to your project graphics. Our color profile technology makes sure that your clients PMS 186 is 186 each time, not PMS 188. We are committed to consistency – in colors, quality and service. We are selective with our machines, inks, and substrates – bringing high-end elements to make one quality product that is sure to impress your clients.

3. Timely

The timeline schedule for a project is key – we understand that and work within your schedule. Local proof approval processes help speed the delivery of your project. Monster Color can turn graphics around fast without compromising quality. And with every graphic we produce, the quality checks in place make sure a consistently amazing product is delivered every time.

4. Innovative

Here at Monster Color, we have produced so many AMAZING projects. Innovative products, alternative solutions, multiple solutions for projects – all of these we can offer from years of experience in the industry.

5. Client Centric

Our method of doing business is one we like to call ‘client centric.’ By this, we adapt our services to meet your needs. We fit into and become a part of your moving conveyor belt of processes to get the project completed efficiently and without any undue headaches. A Monster Color company value is to please clients; we aim to do just that.

6. No Surprises

Every order goes through our quality control system to ensure it is correct and meets the highest quality standards before it is delivered to your desk.